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The Painless Way to Sell Extra Stuff

How It Works


Schedule a Free Consultation

A personal auction assistant will help you figure out what to donate and what to sell. Just don’t throw out any unlikely treasures before the consultation!


We Auction Your Items Online

Your personal auction assistant will catalog, photograph and sell your items in an online auction.


Receive Your Check

After the auction ends, you’ll have a check in hand about 10 business days later.

Personalized Service

A personal auction assistant will walk you through every step of the process. Expect check-ins at least once a week and service tailored to your needs and preferences.

Full Estate Sales

Whether you’re downsizing or cleaning out a loved one’s home, we believe people are one of the most important parts of any auction. Our team wants to hear the stories behind your treasures and take the stress out of selling a houseful of memories.

Smaller Consignments

Only have one item to sell? Or maybe a room full? We’ll add your items in with others to create a larger auction. Our staff handles every detail from start to finish.

Warehouse Sales

Our local warehouse means you don’t have to store auction stuff at your home. We can help you transport goods to our space then take over from there.

Sorting and Organizing

Overwhelmed? Our compassionate staff can help you figure out what to sell, donate or remove. Then move all those sorted items to the right place.

Maximizing Sales

Our staff is trained to capture the kind of high quality photos that help drive online auction sales. They’ll also categorize and describe your items to maximize the sale.